Case Studies

A client in his 50’s has changed jobs. He has a sizeable 401(k) account, and desires a better selection of investment choices than his new employer’s plan provides, as well as professional assistance in making the investment choices. RLBF helped the client roll the funds into an IRA account. Additionally, we discovered that the client had other IRA accounts and 401(k)s with balances from previous employers which we consolidated into the IRA.

Retirement Plan

A married client is considering retiring from his job two years from now at age 64. His wife does not work outside the home. We work with the client to model their financial status, factoring in data such as their current income, social security, investments, expenses, and insurance. We develop a model that shows the client their projected financial status during the years of their retirement. This client is also considering doing some consulting work for a few years, and we develop a hypothetical retirement plan using this data as a comparison, helping the couple make an appropriate decision about their retirement.

Unexpected Windfall

A married couple in their 50’s begins receiving unexpected income from oil and gas royalties. They establish a joint investment account as well as trust accounts for their two sons and the royalties for the children are deposited directly into their LPL Financial accounts. In addition, we helped the family set up 529 college savings accounts to invest for their children’s college-related expenses.